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Why Do We Need Vastu?

Unlocking Harmony and Well-Being: Exploring the Benefits of Vastu for Modern Living

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural and design philosophy that aims to harmonize buildings and spaces with natural and cosmic energies. Vastu provides the basics of construction especially in harnessing the energies of nature for the betterment of our spaces. Vastu Shastra is and ancient practice based on the concept of scientifically combining the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky to create a pleasant setting. Lets explore The influence of tradition and contemporary living as we delve into the captivating insights into "Why do we need Vastu" for a more fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.


Pyramid Vastu !
A modern approach for Modern spaces.

Make it without Breaking it.


Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Vastu Shastra, Pyramid Vastu introduces a contemporary twist by incorporating the geometrical precision and symbolism of pyramids. This innovative approach has the potential to influence physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, as well as attract abundance and prosperity by optimizing the flow of energy and promoting a sense of balance. From residential homes to commercial establishments, Pyramid Vastu offers a unique way to align architectural and design choices with ancient principles and modern geometrical insights.


Mr. Rahul Purohit

Among one of the first pioneers in the field of Pyramid Vastu consultants in India, with an experience that spans over 25 years. Rituchakkra Vastu helped many businesses and individuals in completing their journey of a fulfilled life.

Mr. Rahul Purohit has been carrying the legacy of his father Mr. Yogesh Purohit, who started serving people with an aim to help them and avoid getting misguided and uncomplicate vastu shastra, He has foreseen that it is difficult to make structural changes in modern houses and hence Pyramid correction is the future of Vastu in modern spaces.

Our Vastu Services

We offer a range of Pyramid Vastu services to help our clients improve their personal and professional lives. Some of our services include:

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Guide in selection of new home for Purchase / Rent



The overall shape and size of the plot is balanced in a way that it promotes growth and harmony.



Our Pyramid Vastu solutions for offices help enhance productivity, creativity, and overall success in business.



We use pyramids to help balance the energy levels in your body and promote good health and well-being.

Our Vastu consultation process



Introduction with the the property owner and details of the property are gathered via any communication channels. A detailed conversation regarding various aspects of the property to be evaluated is done on Call/ Email/ Whatsapp. The Floor plan / Photos and other property details will be shared



Thoroughly examine the property, identify the positives and work on accelerating its effects further. Chart out the negative zones and efforts on minimizing its effect on the residents. This can be done via virtual communication channels for online consultation and by personal/physical visits in the event of a one to one consultation at a mutually decided time.



The remediation with respect to spaces is done with the use of pyramids. The completed report along with steps to keep up the harmony of the space is discussed. Every one of the Vastu solutions is created taking into consideration the site’s limitations in order to avoid issues during the application of solutions.



After successful examination and remediation regularly connect with the clients for up to date information and feedback.



With an experience that spans over 2 Decades, we have served more the 3000 happy clients and helped them achieve their optimal lives. The unique approach has helped us gain trust of clients with majority of our client base coming from reference and word of mouth. 


What is the right time for vastu consultation?

  • When you want to have a Pre-purchase analysis of the property.

  • Planning an interior for a new home

  • Frequent sickness at home

  • Looking for a Marriage Proposal

  • Frequent Family Quarrel

  • Choosing a Career

Is Pyramid vastu effective ?

The belief and science of pyramids has been in existence for centuries, and with an expansive list of happy and satisfied customer, there is no reason to believe otherwise

Will there be any structural / civil changes?

If the property is already constructed we don’t suggest civil changes, only remedies will be suggested. If the property is yet to be constructed we can suggest a few changes, prevention is better than cure.

Charges for consultation

This completely depends on the magnitude and nature of the property, while keeping in mind its size.

Our Happy Clients

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